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More to come after the next Disco!

About $LARRY Token

Step into the World of Leisure Suit Larry, where polyester reigns, Disco never dies, and laughter is the ultimate currency!

$LARRY – Boogie with the Meme of Legends! 


95% Circulating Supply
 5% For CEX Listings & Maintenance
 Stealth Launch
 Contract Renounced
 No PreSale
 No Buy Taxes
 No Sale Taxes
 Holders get Cool perks:


– Larry Themed Parties


– Merchandise


– Passive Income from Larry’s Degen Gambling



How To Buy $LARRY

STEP 1: Obtain and set up A WALLET

Install MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or any other suitable crypto wallet from the App Store or Google Play. Desktop users can install the Chrome extension from

STEP 2: SEND SOME ELA on the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC) TO YOUR WALLET

In order to get some $LARRY (and you know you want it)  you’ll need ELA on ESC so that you can swap it for $LARRY. Buy ETH directly in MetaMask, transfer your ETH From another wallet, or buy ETH on an exchange and withdraw it to your wallet. Make sure to use the ESC network else you’ll be alone at the Disco!


Feel free to connect to GlideFinance via; we embedded Glide to save you a couple of steps – the link above will take you directly to $LARRY. We did this so that you can spend more time at the Disco!  If you’d rather use your own browser, make sure it’s the official GlideFinance site! Don’t lose your Diamond encrusted shoes over this. That would be a disaster!! Here is the official $LARRY token address: 



Once you have ELA in your wallet, swap your desired amount of ELA for $LARRY. Make sure you have enough ELA left over to cover gas fees. Review the transaction details and confirm. You’re now ready for the Disco! 



 Degen Gambling
Get ready to boogie with $LARRY! Join our vibrant community and get down with the quick and breezy steps we’ll be announcing soon. 
Follow us, keep those dancing shoes at the ready, and stay tuned for the simple and snazzy instructions that’ll have you joining the party in no time.
Join the party. Join Larry’s Twitter! 


Get your groove on and behold the shining disco ball of the crypto world, radiating with brilliance and eagerly capturing every slick move. Our rhythmic power is unmatched, rendering liquidity irresistibly enticed by our pulsating beats. The competition, my friends, simply cannot outshine our flawless dance maneuvers. Prepare to witness the epitome of disco domination, as we take center stage and set the dance floor ablaze!

Stage 2

  • CEX Listings
  • MAJOR Social Presence
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • 10,000 Holders

Stage 3

  • Tier 1 CEX Listings
  • Social Domination
  • 100,000 Holders
  • Airdrop to Holders


Listen up, my groovy comrades! The $LARRY Token wants to set the record straight, baby! Let’s get one thing sorted from the start:  $LARRY has no associations with Sierra, Codemasters, or the legendary Al Lowe. We’re paying homage to a meme we all adore, igniting those firework-filled memories of a time when fun, comedy, and laughter ruled the world. $LARRY is a meme coin, and let’s be real, it’s all about having a good time. No fancy schmancy financial returns here, folks! However, brace yourself, ’cause there’s a chance—a slim chance, mind you—that you might just snag yourself a dazzling Leisure Suit. Oh, the glory! No formal team, but hey, who needs ’em when you’ve got laughs in abundance? The coin may be deemed useless, but wait for it… you could be in for a treat—a ticket to a Larry Themed event or some cool gifts if Lady Luck is on your side. So, grab your sense of humor, fasten that leisure suit tight, and get ready for a wild and whimsical journey with $LARRY!

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